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NAABC LLC (pronounced:  N - Double A - B - C ) is the National Association of America's Benevolence Club, LLC.  We are a "private" club; we are a "benevolence" club.  We are a faith-based "support group" of churches and small business owners of various denominations and professions networking together with a genuine desire to help others simply by registering in a private, online database and referring others of "like minds" to do the same.  We have all heard of Reverse Mortgage for seniors; now there is Reverse Advertising for small business owners.  No affiliation.

NAABC believes the union of churches within our underserved, low-income communities and the small business owners within these churches will be advantageous in providing needed resources.  Being conscious of how important it is to always give back, we offer membership packages at various affordable levels to small business owners by retaining them to promote our efforts while advertising their small business at the same time.

If the "What's in it for me" attitude motivates you, then we are a motivational haven.  Realizing that small businesses are very crucial in America's economy, we want to take care of our "registered" small businesses, supporting their growth because more revenue (for them) also generates more resources (for us as members) to delegate and donate to both traditional and non-traditional non-profit (charitable) organizations and scholarship foundations within our private, online database and within our communities.  While we are "coming together as one body with a mission to make a difference", we want to assure our members "the more you give, the more you will receive" whether placing larger business ads (to grow your small business) or delegating resources (to support those in need).  It's a win-win for all.

NAABC has a short term goal of making an immediate impact inspiring those who thought there was no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel to once again dream and believe.  Our long term goal is to become internationally known as one of the leading benevolence clubs in the world that provides means for capital gain to small business owners with record-breaking funds donated to charitable organizations and scholarship foundations abroad.  It is important for us to make a difference among each other within our membership affiliation, community and abroad.  Our purpose is NOT to take over or compete against existing or forthcoming organizations but to offer abundant assistance to better service them.  We pride ourselves in the personal interest we take in contributing to the wellbeing of our community and believe that by sharing common values we can empower greater things and strive to accomplish our efforts by encouraging other churches and small business owners to join us in our mission.

As our president once said, "We've prayed for a change ... for a blessing ... for a miracle ..." and it is now obtainable. We encourage you to get involved and SUPPORT A WORTHY CAUSE.  Best of all, what we do won't interfere with your current lifestyle!  If you've ever wanted to have the "preferred advantage" over your competition while owning your own small business and helping others at the same time, then now is the time.  Grasp it!  Claim It TODAY!  Don't just stand on the sidelines of life and let this great opportunity pass you by.

Get back in touch with the person who referred you to our web site (for his or her referral code) and join us to make a difference.  We hope to see you on the inside!

"We want to take the accountability out of the hands of man's voted and put it back into the hands of God's chosen by providing resources via benevolence funds (to churches and non-profit organizations) within 'OUR' communities who we believe have our best interest at heart."                             C. Travis, President


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