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Features And Benefits


We encourage our members to take advantage of the many features & benefits offered below as a means to promote referrals by word of mouth with testimonies, expressions of hope and inspiration to prospects whom they already have an association with (whether personal or professional).  We are strong believers that "if you keep doing the same thing, you'll keep getting the same result"; therefore, we are encouraging our members to "Try Something Different".  In other words, we want you to simply tell others about what we offer and what you have experienced with us to assist you with not only acquiring your many features & benefits but to, also, assist you with your sales/referral efforts, as well. 


1.  "Supplement Your Income While Advertising Your Small Business." 1.  Advertise Among Members Who Are Actually "WAITING" To Patronize You.
2.  Participate In Our Reverse Advertising® Program. 2.  Earn Commission Each Time You Tell Others About Us And They Place An Ad.
3.  Participate In Our Opted Edge® Program. 3.  Receive Your Very Own Pre-Loaded, Reloadable MasterCard Reward Card® And Earn Points Each Time You Tell Others About Us And They Place An Ad.
4.  Virtually SHOP FOR FREE (Like A Kid In A Candy Store). 4.  Redeem Your Earned Points On Your MasterCard® Reward Card Among MEMBERS ONLY (Who Are Found Registered In Our Private, Online Database).
5.  Obtain UNLIMITED Products &/Or Services (At No Cost). 5.  If You Know Of A Small Business Owner That Offers A Product Or Service That You WANT OR NEED, Simply Sell Our Membership Package To Them And All Of Our Members May Redeem The Accumulated Points Earned On Their MasterCard® Reward Card At Their Place Of Business.
6.  Advertise At A Rate That Is Affordable For Even The Tightest Budget. 6.  Choose To Advertise Your Small Business Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually Or Yearly (At The Same Rate) AND Get Paid Your Earnings From The Sales You've Made During That Exact, SAME Timeframe.
7.  Get 50% Off The Cost Of Your Membership Package (Including The Cost Of Your Business Ad(s) For The Lifetime Of Your Membership).* 7.  *You Must Be An Active, Verifiable Church Member Of A Church That Is Registered In Our Private, Online Database AND Must Apply Within 24 Hours Of Solicitation; More Than 24 Hours May Qualify You For Only 25% OFF.
8.  Earn Weekly Commission, Reward Card Points And Residual Income For The Lifetime Of Your Membership (Whether 1, 5, 10, 15 or 20+ Years From Now). 8.  We Offer A 13-Week Paid-In-Advance Subscription That Allows You To Reach Our Top Level (Platinum) In The Shortest Time Possible And GET PAID WEEKLY - THEREAFTER (Instead Of Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually Or Yearly Like Others.  For Example:  Why Earn $2,000 Per Year, Semi-Annually, Quarterly Or Monthly When You Can Earn That Same Amount Weekly?
9.  Participate In Our Company-Sponsored Activities & Events. 9.  Network With Other Small Businesses Registered In Our Private, Online Database While Resting Your Mind/Having Fun As A Membership Privilege; There Will Even Be Activities & Events Where You May Bring Your Family.
10.  Receive A Surprise "Goody Bag" (Or Box) With Pre-Selected Products &/Or Services Correlating With The Membership Package You Purchased. 10.  Keep Your Surprise "Goody Bag" (Or Box) Contents OR Give Them Away As You See Fit - Even As "Welcome Gifts", "Thank You Gifts" Or "Just Because Gifts" To Your Customers &/Or Those You've Successfully Referred To Us, etc.
11.  This Won't Interfere With Your Current Lifestyle; You Will Continue To Be Your Own Boss. 11.  Work When, Where And How You Want.  You Can Even Take A Break From Us For Weeks Or Months At A Time (And Pick Up Where You Left Off, Returning When You're Ready) As Long As Your Licenses & Fees Are Paid Current.
12.  Become A Member With ABSOLUTELY NO SALES EFFORT REQUIRED. 12.  Hire Our Sales Team To Sell Membership Packages For You On A COMMISSION-ONLY BASIS; They Don't Get Paid UNLESS You Get Paid FIRST.
13.  Expand Your Existing Small Business Or Start A New Small Business. 13.  No Credit Check; No Collateral; No Complicated Red Tape During Your Application Process And Take Advantage Of The Tax Write-Offs Offered.
14.  Work Fewer Hours; Even Retire If You Want. 14.  Cut Back On Your Hours To As Few As Twenty (20) Hours Per "YEAR" Or Work As A Business Consultant (Having More Time For Family & Friends) As Long As You Maintain All Current Licenses And Fees, etc.
15.  No More "Cold Calling" To Grow Your Small Business. 15.  Try "Warm Calling" Instead!  Sell Our Membership Packages To Small Business Owners Whom You Normally Do Business With So Your MasterCard® Reward Card Won't Just Sit In Your Wallet Or In A Drawer Collecting Dust; You'll Actually Use It Because It Will Be Of REAL VALUE TO YOU Personally And Professionally!  Don't Forget You're Still Earning Commission And Residual Income.
16.  Take Advantage Of Our "One-Stop Source" For Small Business Owners With A TRUE Passion For Giving. 16.  Delegate Up To 40% Of The Company's Revenues You Helped Generate To Your Favorite Non-Profit, Charitable Organizations (Including Scholarship Foundations) Of Your Choice At No Cost To You; You Helped Raise The Funds, You Should Help Delegate It.  You May Also Donate Your Own Personal Contributions Thru Our Online Site.
17.  Receive An "Annual Statement" Listing Where All Of Your Personal Donations & Membership Delegations Went (Thru Us). 17.  Compare Our Annual Statement With The Various Charitable Organizations That Will Submit An Annual Acknowledgment To Ensure You Are In Receipt Of "ALL" Proper Documents/Tax Write-Offs For Tax Purposes.
18.  Receive A "Certificate Of Membership" To Frame And Hang On Your Wall (Along With Your Business License). 18.  Displaying Your Certificate Could Get Others To Ask Questions, Leading To More Sales (Which Means More Commission, Reward Card Points & Residual Income).
19.  Receive A "Certificate Of Good Standing" To Frame And Hang On Your Wall (Along With Your Business License). 19.  You've Earned Bragging Rights When You Perform (BOTH) One Hour Of Community Service Per Year (Minimum) AND Volunteer To Personally Tithe 10% Of Your NAABC Earnings.
20.  Sign Up For Our Automatic Upgrade Program. 20.  NEVER Worry About The Risk Of Your Subscription Expiring; Secure Your Advertising Spot AND Earnings.



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In A Nutshell, Here's What You Get:  (Membership Gives You The Opportunity To Earn Privileges.)





  • Sell Five (5) Membership Packages *
  • Automatically Qualify To Accept Payments From "MEMBERS ONLY" Using The Opted Edge® Reward Card (with the MasterCard® logo on it).  Are You Really Ready For More Sales?    Read More



... And More! Wouldn't you like to know what you get when you sell (let's say...) 67 membership packages? . . .      .                .Do you see where we're going with this?  Pretty unique, huh?  We think so!


* Selling our membership package is the same as successfully referring or recruiting small business owners to join us (become a member). It is also the same as selling advertisements to other small business owners, as they must place an ad in our private, online database in order to earn benefits and privileges (via their membership) in our Opted Edge® pre-loaded, reloadable reward card incentive program (with the MasterCard® logo).

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  • Sell One (1) Membership Package * 
  1. This automatically qualifies you to become an Independent Contractor.  (Via Membership)
  2. You are eligible to earn a very generous commission via your membership.  Simply refer other small business owners to our web site where they may purchase our membership package and register their small business in our private, online database (via your referral code). We encourage you to sell our membership packages to small business owners that you normally do business with (or would like to do business with in the near future) ... because later you may earn a pre-loaded, reloadable reward card with the MasterCard® logo on it that will enable you to patronize the small business(es) that you referred to us at NO out-of-pocket cost TO YOU; actually, not just to those you sold our membership packages to but to ALL small business owners found registered in our private, online database.

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  • Sell Two (2) Membership Packages * 
  1. Receive 50% OFF Your Initial One-Time, Non-Recurring Enrollment Fee.  This is a 50% savings to you!
  2. You are automatically approved to receive a 50% REFUND of your initial one-time, non-recurring enrollment fee (which is payable in advance, along with the cost of your selected membership package purchased and your membership dues). Valid only if you sell two (2) membership packages within the 14-day's introductory period.    

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  • Sell Three (3) Membership Packages * 
  1. Defer Your Membership Dues.  This is a 25% savings &/or reimbursement of your out-of-pocket cost to you! 
  2. You are automatically approved to defer 25% of your membership dues (which 100% is normally payable in advance, along with the cost of your selected membership package purchased and your one-time, non-recurring enrollment fee) BUT ... can NOW be paid via automatic deduction from your earned commission INSTEAD. That's how confident we are! Valid only if you sell three (3) membership packages within the 14-days' introductory period.    

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  • Sell Four (4) Membership Packages * 
  1. Participate in our Pre-loaded, Reloadable Reward Card Incentive Program.  Start accumulating points.  This is a gold mine!
  2. You are automatically approved to participate in our "Opted Edge" Reward Card Incentive Program (which is a Pre-loaded, Reloadable MasterCard®) and may start accumulating points (valued at $1 each in U.S. currency purchasing power).  You may later redeem your earned points at the small business locations of those you personally referred to us like a kid in a candy store (at no cost to you), as well as ALL other small businesses listed in our private, online database.  Valid only after you have paid your one-time, non-recurring enrollment fee AND paid (&/or deferred 25% of) your membership dues.

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  • Sell Five (5) Membership Packages * 
  1. Accept Payments From "MEMBERS ONLY" Using The Opted Edge® Pre-loaded, Reloadable Reward Card. 
  2. You are automatically approved to accept payments from "MEMBERS ONLY" using the Opted Edge® Pre-loaded, Reloadable Reward Card with the MasterCard® logo on it. This is why you are REQUIRED to be able to accept major credit card payments in order to join (as a small business owner).  This is also when your business ad is published onto our site once it has been approved (adding you to our private, online database).  GET READY!!!  THIS IS HOW WE SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES (by supporting EACH OTHER ... via membership - as small business owners - networking together).  All of our members may redeem their points at your small business (patronizing your small business) by purchasing/paying for your products &/or services of interest to them with our pre-loaded, reloadable reward card that has a MasterCard logo® on it at no out-of-pocket cost to them.  This is also our way of ensuring that our members "support small businesses" (particularly you & your small business).  Keep in mind, however, the larger your business ad, the greater opportunity you have at acquiring more membership support (meaning more sales, including more customers). You now have the "preferred advantage" (meaning the "Opted Edge®")!  

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  • Sell Six (6) Membership Packages * 
  1. Access Our Private, Online Database And Redeem Your Points. 
  2. You are automatically approved to access our private database of registered small business owners and redeem your points online or offline (among small businesses that are registered in our private, online database - for MEMBERS ONLY). "Shop 'Til You Drop" all of your accumulated points back down to zero on your pre-loaded, reloadable reward card then accumulate more (as often as you like).  We will continue to reload them on your reward card so that you may shop/purchase/pay for even more products &/or services. Now do you understand why we encourage you to sell our business packages to small business owners where you normally do business (or would like to do business with in the near future)? We encourage you to use the Opted Edge® pre-loaded, reloadable reward card INSTEAD OF your hard-earned CASH OR CREDIT and we understand it would be of little to no benefit to you if you didn't like the selection of products &/or services you had to choose from when redeeming your reward card points. So, here's your chance to redeem your points for products &/or services you actually want or need (by working with us/via your membership). We're sure this is a reward card that won't collect dust in your wallet or drawer. Don't forget you've still earned a very generous commission check from selling our membership packages to others (to those small business owners whom you're waiting to patronize at no out-of-pocket cost to you), in addition to redeeming your reward card points. You, also, have the ability to earn a residual income year after year from whenever those you referred to us purchase an upgrade (a larger ad) or renew their ad subscription (for the duration of their & your membership affiliation). 

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What's In It For Me?

That Seems To Be The Number One Question Today!


Would you do more for others if you were getting something out of it?  Sure you would! ... And that's okay; it's done all the time!  Gaining personal satisfaction keeps us going; it keeps us pumped up and motivated! 

Doctors, nurses, paramedics, fire fighters, police officers, veterans and even our teachers are paid for helping people every day (although not enough).  What about the employees who work at social services & welfare or charitable organizations, etc.?  Is it wrong to get paid for helping someone?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Some of our biggest celebrities are receiving pay for assisting organizations in collecting money for various charities.  They've been doing it for years, especially via telethons, and are earning $50,000 to $75,000 EASILY for virtually a few hours of work!!!

Why should professional athletes, recording artists and actors & actresses make so much money yet you work hard, too, and make so little (in comparison)?  Isn't it time that you were able to earn just as much money as those in the entertainment industry (or any other, for that matter)?  We respect them; we simply want a break, too.  So, we're not going to sit on the sidelines anymore; it's time for a positive change for (us) ordinary people and we're going to make it happen.

Think about it!  What's wrong with getting paid (a small percentage, of course) to assist in raising funds to help others?  How much do you raise to help others right now (without getting paid)?  How much of an effort would you (or could you) commit to raising to help others if we paid you a small percentage for your legitimate, successful efforts?  We're sure more people would probably put forth a bigger effort.  The bottom line, however, is the fact that funds are being raised (that may not normally be raised) and your bills are being paid, too.  Best part of it is:  you're doing a good deed, regardless, and somebody in need appreciates your efforts whole-heartedly, just the same, whether or not if you earned a dime from it; it is still considered a blessing.  Even our Bishops and Pastors don't lead a large church congregation for free.  They'll tell you, "My father is rich! ... so, why should I be poor?"  Do you honestly believe the structured salary scale currently being implemented in our country is fair or equal for ALL?  Do you believe you earn what you're possibly worth?  Do you really believe those who play sports, sing & dance or who can act should earn so much more than those who protect us, help heal us, teach us and even die for us? 

Would you be interested in recruiting people to donate money to various charities (for commission pay)? That's one way of looking at what we do and what a great way to earn a living, too (by helping others)! Would you be interested in helping small businesses get the resources they need (including you with your small business/as our member & independent contractor), helping charities provide more to our underserved, low-income communities and enabling more students of all ages & financial status to continue their education (including those you know personally)? That's another way of looking at what we do. LET'S COME TOGETHER and use our abilities to make a difference by raising more funds to help each other!

We are a faith-based group of churches and small business owners of various denominations and professions networking together with a genuine desire to help others simply by registering in a private, online database and referring others of "like minds" to do the same.  If you are serious about your desire to help others, we encourage you to support a worthy cause and apply today.  Here's your chance to "help us ... help you ... help others ..." because we believe there's power in unity!


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.                                                                  .                                                                 
.         .         .         



Products &/Or Services Are Pre-Selected By Management To Correlate With The Appropriate Paid Membership Dues.
Patron Ad                             
(Owner's Name Only) 1 Certificate Of Membership
. 2 Certificate Of Good Standing
Business Ad      3 Window Decal(s)
(With Pre-Selected Fields/Contents For The Appropriate Phase Purchased) 4 Magnetic Decal(s)
. 5 Magnetic Ribbon(s)
Private Online Directory Access 6 Awareness Bracelet(s)
(Listing ALL Registrants, Members And Their Ads, etc.) 7 Magnetic Sign(s)
. 8 Standard Business Cards
State-Of-The-Art Communication 9 Magnetic Business Cards
Center (With 24/7 Message Boards, Chat Rooms, etc.) 10 Internet Banner(s)
. 11 Logo Use Authorization
Supplemental Income Opportunity 12 Office Supplies & Products
(Participating In The Reverse Advertising™ Program) 13  ... And MORE!
MasterCard® Reward Card Program
(Participating In The Opted Edge™ Reward Card Incentive Program)  
Surprise "Goody Bag Or Box"
(Pre-Selected Products &/Or Services To Represent Each Specific Phase)
Membership Privileges
(Including Delegating 40% Of Your Total Sales Amount To Non-Profit Organizations)

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Future e-Store products &/or services (in addition to those listed above) may include the items listed below in pre-filled membership packages.  Since membership dues varies from phase to phase (based on the size of your business ad), members may receive a combination of multiple products &/or services in their surprise "goody bag" (or box), as well as other perks that are pre-selected by management.   .

For example ... 
Ink Cartridges                                  Flashlights                                          Coffee Cup(s)                                
Ink Cartridges Flashlights Coffee Cup(s)
Copying Paper Portable Lights / Battery Operated       Cup(s) With Lid For Cold Drinks
Customized Checks, Payroll Portable Fans / Battery Operated T-Shirt(s)
Customized Checks, Accts. Pay. Weather Alert Radio(s) Baseball &/Or Football Cap(s)
Mobile Phone(s) & Accessories Portable Digital TV / Battery Operated Customized Mouse Pad(s)
Mobile Phone Service / 1 Yr. Portable Heater(s) Customized Coaster(s)
Internet Service / 1 Yr. Portable AM/FM/CD Radio(s) Back Pack(s)
Computer Maintenance & Svc. / 1 Yr. Portable Air Conditioner(s) Duffel Bag(s)
Virus Protection Service / 1 Yr. Portable Generator(s) Beach Towel(s) &/Or XL Bath Towels
MagicJack Plus Flat Screen TV(s) Windproof Umbrella(s)
Business Card Holder(s) Portable DVD Player(s) Unisex Rain Jacket(s)
Flash Drive(s) Portable BluRay Player(s) Unisex Winter Jacket(s)
Customized Ink Pen(s) X-Box One(s) Brief Case(s)
Customized Pencils(s) PlayStation 4(s) Luggage Set(s)
Desktop Computer(s) Surround Sound System(s) Lapel (Logo) Pin(s)
Printer(s) 100-Watt Stereo(s) Cup(s) With Lid For Hot Drinks
Laptop(s) Battery(ies)
Tablet(s) Rechargeable Battery Kit(s)
Kindle(s) Backup Battery(ies) And MORE  . . . 
Cordless Mouse(s) Surge Protector(s) Including Company-Sponsored
Cordless Keypad(s) Alarm Clock Radio(s) Activities & Events

The selection and quantity of these items may vary and may be kept or given away at the member's sole discretion as "Thank You" Gifts, "Welcome" Gifts or "Just Because" Gifts.  The above list may be altered without written notice.  Reselling is neither encouraged nor condoned as there may be  stipulations which management has agreed upon indicating we will NOT resell certain items when purchased in bulk rate (for our members).  Such behavior is grounds for breach of Terms and Conditions and as a result may warrant membership termination &/or legal action(s) as appropriate.



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