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Finally!  There's A Light At The End Of The Tunnel!!!




No Need To Pay Hundreds Or Even Thousands Of Dollars To Be Listed In A Public Directory Or Publication And Possibly Get Lost Like A Needle In A Haystack Or Discarded As Junk Mail Anymore! 



Membership With Us Allows You To

Get An Advantage Over Your Competition! 




Introducing ... 

Opted Edge ® 

The Preferred Advantage For Your Small Business.™ 

A Pre-loaded Reward Card Incentive Program Where Members Support Each Other!




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Supplement your income while advertising your small business among members -- and not just any members, but members who are actually "waiting" to buy from you! All jokes aside! IT WON'T INTERFERE WITH YOUR CURRENT LIFESTYLE and, best of all, YOU WILL CONTINUE TO BE YOUR OWN BOSS! No Monthly Quotas Required! No Meetings Required!  No Special Skills Required!  Work When You Want! Work Where You Want! Work If You Want!  No Commuting Required! Simply refer others (small business owners) to us! You may use our business cards or not!

We are looking for a select group of small business owners (preferably small business owners that are active, verifiable members of a church that is registered in our private, online database) to sell our membership package to other small business owners that you normally do business with (patronize) on a regular basis (or would like to do business with in the near future). Then, once they, too, have registered their small business in our private, online database (like you), you'll earn a very generous commission, and, as an added bonus, you may never have to pay cash for their products &/or services again.

How does this work?  Let's say you sold our membership package to your barber or hair stylist (someone that you normally do business with on a regular basis). Once they've registered their small business in our private, online database (like you), you not only earn commission from the sell you've made to them, but you may also receive a pre-loaded, re-loadable reward card with a MasterCard® logo on it that CAN ONLY BE USED AMONG MEMBERS (the small businesses) who are registered in our private, online database; ALL OF THEM, not just the ones that you've referred to us! In other words, in addition to receiving a commission check from the sells you've made, you may also earn points for each sell which are equivalent to $1 each in U.S. currency purchasing power credited to your pre-loaded, re-loadable reward card FOR MEMBERS ONLY.

Imagine getting your local supermarket, neighborhood gas station, mom & pop pharmacy, &/or your local health & life insurance agent to join! That's virtually FREE GROCERIES, FREE GAS, FREE PRESCRIPTIONS, and/or FREE INSURANCE (not just for you, but available to ALL of our members)! You might even want to redeem your pre-loaded reward card to purchase prescriptions or a health &/or life insurance policy for an extended family member (one who would NOT normally qualify or be able to afford it) but now you can help; you can make a difference! It's like customizing your own fringe benefits package in a non-traditional way to personally fit YOU - the way YOU want it to! Imagine the possibilities for a moment! Need a product or service? Simply get the provider (the small business owner) to become a member (and place an ad in our private, online database), and you can now acquire these products &/or

services virtually for FREE!  It's that simple! We'll even show you how to acquire a great residual income year after year! NO-ONE COMPARES! This is a great opportunity and you owe it to yourself to take advantage of it!

Do you want to advertise your small business in a particular publication but feel like you can't afford it at this time? Do you feel as if you would get more exposure if you advertised in a minority-based publication for women, veterans, the disadvantaged, a specific geographic location or among small businesses only? Who is your target market? What if we told you, "WE CAN HELP!"?

How would you like to work fewer hours and have more time for family and friends (better than that, more time for yourself)? No more 60, 50, or even 40-hour work weeks (unless that's what you want to do; not what you need to do to make ends meet)! IT'S PHENOMENAL! Two jobs can now equal fewer hours with more earnings and benefits ... when you supplement your small business income as an independent contractor with us!  Again, no-one compares!

The Opted Edge® Pre-loaded, Reloadable Reward Card Incentive Program works great as a fundraiser, too! A part of our mission is to delegate and/or donate funds to various non-profit organizations (including churches, charitable organizations, educational & scholarship foundations and organizations offering small business startup grants).  Membership allows you to delegate up to fifty percent (50%) of the funds raised from our gross revenues (in addition to your 10% total earnings) to non-profit organizations of your choice. You may also opt to redeem some of your points earned on your reward card to make personal donations to any of the non-profit organizations found on our approved lists, and if your preference is not listed, as a member, you may request it to be added.

As our president has said, "We are known for coming together for a crisis."  "It's time we come together as a lifestyle."  

So, let us set you on the road (or back on the road) to financial freedom as it will allow us (as a private benevolence club) the ability to help our community at the same time. You know the old saying, "If you keep doing the same thing, you'll keep getting the same result." Given the fact that our economy has been in such a downfall for quite a while, we know that you've been praying for a change. We all have! Opportunity knocks once again! Grasp it! Don't let  your dreams fade away.  Because of the ever-changing, advanced technology, we are believers that what used to work a few years ago may not necessarily work today.  We, therefore, encourage you to TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Here's your opportunity to take advantage of our special promotional offer, also, with the opportunity to acquire financial security with absolutely little to no sales effort!  Give us a try! REGISTER TODAY! There's power in unity!  We hope to see you on the inside!

Hurry!  Limited time offer!  Limited opportunities available! 

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