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About Us

NAABC LLC was founded on October 2, 2003. Through the years, our focus has expanded to connect more with the needs of our diverse members.  We take pride in offering the best products, services and resources to meet these needs and to fulfill the dreams of our growing community (both within our membership affiliation and out).

NAABC has a short-term goal of "making an immediate impact inspiring those who thought there was no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel" to once again dream and believe.  Our long-term goal is to become internationally known as one of the leading benevolence clubs in the world that provides means for capital gain to small business owners with record-breaking funds donated to non-profit (charitable) organizations and scholarship foundations abroad.


Our Mission Is To:

  • Support Small Businesses

We have developed an incentive program like no other which allows our members (who are also small business owners) to obtain resources to expand &/or start a new small business regardless of credit.

  Support Charity

Our members assist us by delegating a percentage of the gross revenues from internet sales to various established non-profit organizations of their choice as we pledge to give back to our community.

  Support Education

Our members also assist us by delegating a percentage of the gross revenues from internet sales to various established scholarship foundations of their choice because we want to ensure higher education is obtainable to ALL - regardless of age or financial status (including those with outstanding student loans).


In order to support the efforts of NAABC you must be an active Member and Independent Contractor simultaneously.  Therefore, public donations, grants and requests are NOT accepted.  Applicants must be referred by an active Member in good standing & Independent Contractor and be approved by NAABC.

As we come together as one body with a mission to make a difference, we want to assure you that whether your reason for joining is to provide for your family, self, community or others, as a Member of NAABC", The more you give, the more you will receive."

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