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Please use the form below to contact us. All feedback is greatly appreciated as it helps us to improve our site.

Please Note:  WE DO NOT PROVIDE PERSONAL/INDIVIDUAL DONATIONS.  Our mission is to make contributions to VARIOUS ESTABLISHED NON-PROFIT (CHARITABLE) ORGANIZATIONS, who in return disburse resources accordingly to individuals and other non-profit organizations.  Although we wish we could help everyone personally, we cannot. It is virtually impossible.  Please contact your local charitable organizations, scholarship foundations &/or churches for personal assistance.  We say with regret, but utmost respect, that all communications requesting personal/individual donations or non-referred membership inquiries will be discarded without reply.

Organizations desiring to be added to our Approved List of Charitable Organizations, Educational Organizations (including Scholarship Foundations) and Churches MUST BE REFERRED by an Active Member in Good Standing with NAABC.  At such time, we will only reply to those of interest.


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