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Membership Requirements

Do You Qualify?

Listed below are the requirements you must meet in order to become a Member & Independent Contractor (in good standing) with NAABC LLC.

  • You must meet our small business eligibility requirements:  You must be an established, independently owned and operated small business owner, franchisee or self-employed with 100 or fewer employees and must earn an annual revenue of less than $14,000,000 over the past three (3) consecutive tax years.
  • You must be able to accept major credit card payments. (THIS IS CRUCIAL!  SORRY, NO EXCEPTIONS!)
  • You must be referred by an active member of NAABC LLC in good standing. 
  • You must apply and be approved for membership and independent contractor agreements (simultaneously).
  • You must purchase at least one (1) membership package annually (of your choice) at a rate that is affordable for you.  
  • You must submit all appropriate documents (as requested in the membership package) both within a timely manner and accurately & truthfully completed to the best of your knowledge.  This includes providing proof of tax i.d. (Form SS-4 and Form W-9) from IRS.  No commission will be paid without appropriate documents on file.  This also includes registering your small business in our private, online database.
  • You must sell our membership package to at least one (1) small business owner (which automatically qualifies you as an independent contractor) via membership.  Selling our membership package simply means to personally refer other small business owners to our website to register their small business online (via your referral code).
  • You must pay our one time, non-recurring enrollment fee. You are automatically approved to receive a 50% REFUND of your initial one time, non-recurring enrollment fee (which is normally payable 100% in advance, along with the cost of your selected membership package purchased and its correlating membership dues) ONLY if you sell two (2) membership packages within the 14-days' introductory period.
  • You must pay a membership dues (which correlates with your purchased membership package). Twenty-five percent (25%) of this may be DEFERRED if you sell three (3) or more membership packages within your 14-days' introductory period. At which time it would then be deducted from your earned commission (resulting in a 25% out-of-pocket savings  to you).
  • You must sell our membership package to at least four (4) small business owners to qualify for participation in our MasterCard® Reward Card Incentive Program (for members only).  Valid only after you have selected and purchased one (1) of our membership packages, paid your one time, non-recurring enrollment fee AND paid (or deferred 25% of) your membership dues.
  • You must maintain "good standing" with us (simply by adhering to the terms and conditions as set forth).  For example, all independent contractors must abide by a code of business conduct and ethics, including, but not limited to, applying for and paying appropriate licenses, permits, taxes and fees, etc. in a timely manner as required to operate an established small business in your jurisdiction.

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