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What Is NAABC?


The  National Association of America's Benevolence Club, LLC (doing business as NAABC LLC and pronounced as N - Double A - B - C  LLC) is a PRIVATE clubWe are a faith-based "support group" of churches and small business owners of various denominations and professions networking together by registering in a private, online directory and referring others of "like minds" to do the same.  We have all heard of Reverse Mortgage for seniors; now there is Reverse Advertising for small business owners.  No Affiliation. 

NAABC believes the union of churches within our underserved, low-income communities and the small business owners WITHIN these churches will be advantageous in providing needed resources.  Being conscious of how important it is to always give back, we offer membership packages at various affordable levels to small business owners by retaining them to promote our efforts while advertising their small business at the same time.

If the "What's in it for me" attitude motivates you, then we are a motivational haven.  Realizing that small businesses are very crucial in America's economy, we want to take care of our "registered" small businesses by supporting their growth because more revenue (for them) also generates more resources (for us as members) to delegate and donate to both traditional and non-traditional non-profit, charitable organizations and scholarship foundations within our private, online directory and within our communities.  While we are "coming together as one body with a mission to make a difference", we want to assure our members "the more you give, the more you will receive" whether placing larger business ads (to grow your small business) or delegating resources (to support those in need).  It's a win-win for all.

The primary mission of NAABC is to serve as an alliance to assist in "supporting small businesses, charity and education" within our communities via registration and/or membership subscriptions.  Our short term goal is to make an immediate impact inspiring those who thought there was no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel to once again dream and believe.  Our long term goal is to become internationally known as one of the leading benevolence clubs in the world that provides means for capital gain to small business owners with record-breaking funds donated to charitable organizations and scholarship foundations abroad.

Our niche is to "help you help us help others."  We are "a lifestyle that encourages others to give".  "We are known to come together for a crisis.  It's time we come together as a lifestyle."

We all know the churches' mission is to do more than save souls and provide spiritual restoration to its members during worship services.  It is to, also, reach out into its communities.  Through registration at, churches are encouraged to emphasize "Empowering Our Communities While Building Revenue Within Our Membership", in addition to their religious ministries of songs, praise and biblical teachings.  Therefore, when "registered" churches encourage their church members to advertise with us, the church may receive up to twenty percent (20%) DONATIONS from NAABC (10% to go into its benevolence fund account to assist in offering more resources within our underserved, low-income communities and another 10% to provide scholarships to their own church members, etc.).

Our church leaders know many of its community members personally (better than government statistics); they are faced with the challenges of cries of hopelessness and despair on a daily basis.  We believe NAABC will assist in answering many prayers through the bond of churches.  Therefore, we want to take the accountability of assisting others out of the hands of man's voted and put it back into the hands of God's chosen by providing resources via benevolence funds (to churches and non-profit organizations) within 'OUR' communities whom we believe have our best interest at heart.

We realize, however, resources that are normally provided by churches and other non-profit organizations are running scarce because the demand is so high.  Churches need to raise larger benevolence funds but their offering baskets are affected by our struggling economy, as well.  Members are leaving and people as a whole are discouraged.

The near future predicts even more dreadful cuts and failures of small businesses because of the new laws that require sufficient health coverage to all full-time employees.  As a result, many small businesses will be forced to reduce their full-time employees' hours to part-time status as a means to avoid paying health insurance and some may even be forced to close.  In addition, we are also being faced with issues regarding the demands for higher minimum wages (up to $15 per hour) in order to make ends meet. Small business owners are concerned about the negative impact these outcomes may have.

Yes, small businesses are popping up everywhere yet statistics show that the majority of them fail in less than five years because they are being turned down for loans for implementation and expansion, do not have adequate training, an official business plan (in many instances) and (for those who manage to survive) many of them are merely hanging on by a thread (still hoping for a break, one that we believe we can offer).

NAABC offers a solution. We still believe there is power in unity.  Therefore, we want to provide a union of churches and small business owners to produce newfound inspiration that is desperately NEEDED TODAY.  If over 50% of our economy is small businesses AND the majority of them are failing, what does that say about America?  Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their country” (as we are failing as a whole).  Here is our chance to come together and make a difference. When we grow our small businesses (thru NAABC), we will also grow our communities by providing the needed resources (via delegating our membership package proceeds).

There is NO COST for the church to register and the church DOES NOT earn commission.  However, each church member who applies by registering his/her small business in our private, online database (same as placing an ad) AND refers other small businesses to do the same pays a minimal fee and earns a very GENEROUS commission (for their sells/referrals).

To encourage small business owners to register, we offer each the opportunity to control 60% of every sell/referral made (on their behalf).  No-one compares!  To ensure resources are put back into our own communities, this 60% may be delegated by the "registered" small business owners as follows:

#1.  10% - Is Earned By The Registered Small Business Owner(s) Via Commission & Reward Card Points For Each           .    .            Sell/Referral Made. 

#2.  25% - Is Delegated To A Church's Benevolence Fund Account Of Your Choice (Preferably Your Church).

#3.  10% - Is Delegated To Educational Organizations (Including Scholarship Foundations) Of Your Choice.

#4.  10% - Is Delegated To Other Non-Profit, Charitable Organizations Of Your Choice.

#505% - Is Delegated To Organizations That Offer Small Business Startup Grants Of Your Choice.                                .       60% Total

As a part of the membership commitment (in our private "benevolence" club), each NAABC member may delegate these percentage amounts at NO COST to them or delegations will be assigned on their behalf at management's discretion. 

During this SPECIAL PROMOTION, we will go out and recruit the churches to register, rather than wait for them to be referred to us by our members.  Each small business owner who agrees to participate must be an active, verifiable member of a church that is registered in our private, online directory in order to qualify for 25% OFF the cost of their membership package.  Small business owners who are NOT a member of a church registered in our directory may ALSO register and place ads (but ONLY if referred by an active NAABC member in good standing); however, they do NOT qualify for the 25% OFF discount.  Each NAABC member is then asked to sell our membership packages to other small business owners (whom they normally do business with on a regular basis or would like to do business with in the near future).  As a result, NAABC members may earn a very GENEROUS commission from their sells/referrals, as well as have the opportunity to participate in our MasterCard® Reward Card Incentive Program that is offered to boost our members' efforts.  These are the two major elements  in our membership package:  registering small businesses (because placing ads is our bread & butter) and offering virtually FREE PRODUCTS &/OR SERVICES as an incentive to our members through our MasterCard® Reward Card program - which we will explain later in full details.

We also offer an additional 25% OFF Discount (totaling up to 50% OFF) to active, verifiable church members who are small business owners AND whose church is registered in our private, online directory.  However, YOU MUST APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP/REGISTER TODAY (same as within 24 hours of being solicited &/or attending our seminar).  NON-church members who are small business owners who would like to apply/register their small business may also qualify for this 25% OFF Discount ONLY if they apply for membership/register today (same as apply within 24 hours of being referred by an active NAABC member in good standing &/or attend our seminar).  We want everyone to keep that in mind because WE ALL LOVE SAVINGS and this will be YOUR ONLY OPPORTUNITY to receive this discount (which can save you not only up to 50% TODAY, but for the life of your membership - whether 1 or 20+ years; but only as an added bonus if you ACT NOW).

Our goal is to also recruit active, verifiable church members who are NOT small business owners to participate in a 16-week workshop so they may start their own small business in an effort to reduce unemployment and poverty within our communities (to stop struggling - living from paycheck to paycheck - robbing Peter to pay Paul) while working in "Corporate America" or obtaining minimal "government benefits" of some sort.  The workshop will also provide current small business owners with tools "to build a growing, profitable business", as well; learning how to stay in business past what our statistics show of approximately five years or less and with fewer struggles.  This workshop COMBINED with the supplemental income program and the MasterCard® reward card program we offer provides our members with an unparalleled advantage.

Again, the goal is for each church to register in our private, online directory and then simply encourage their church members (who are small business owners) to place an ad (also in our private, online directory).  While adhering to the old infamous saying, "Charity begins at home and spreads abroad", we want to take care of our own first by helping our churches, our members, our local communities, then reach out and help others, including those in other nations.

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          Listed Below Are The Requirements For The Churches That Wish To Register .        (In Our Private, Online Database)


The Church MUST ...

 1.  Be located in an underserved, low-income community (or over 50% of its church membership   .     must reside in one).

 2.  Register in our private, online directory (at NO CHARGE).

 3.  Encourage church members (who are small business owners) to place an ad with us.

 4.  Provide a scholarship foundation for its church members.

 5.  Maintain separate "Benevolence Fund" and "Scholarship Foundation" accounts from all .            .   . other offerings (in an established bank).

 6.  Disburse acquired benevolence fund donations from NAABC back into its community.

 7.  Promote &/or host a workshop encouraging their church members who are non-small business .     owners to start their own small business (once a year, minimum).

 8.  Sign a Cooperative Agreement with NAABC regarding contribution responsibilities                   .   .   to  help its community.

 9.  Sign a Confidentiality And Non-Circumvent Agreement with NAABC regarding the privacy and      .    illegal use of the knowledge obtained. 

10.  Verify active membership status of its church members (who are small business                          . owners that have applied for NAABC membership).

11.  Print the NAABC logo on its morning worship program, stationery, website &/or other means    .    of communication, etc.  (optional)

12.  Qualify for a "Certificate of Good Standing"  by meeting ALL ten (10) prerequisites above.       .      (optional)

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Via registration, churches may voluntarily provide general information (in our database) regarding their church; including, but not limited to …

 1.  Denomination

 2.  Name Of Church

 3.  Pastor's Name & Title

 4.  Address, City, State & Zip Code

 5.  Office Phone And Fax Numbers

 6.  E-mail Address

 7.  Website Address  (If Applicable)  …  keeping others abreast of ALL upcoming services, activities and events.

 8.  Church Clerk's Name & Contact Information

 9.  Secretary's Name & Contact Information

10.  Directions & A Map (To The Church)

11.  Days And Times Of Worship Services

12.  Days And Times Of Bible Study Classes &/Or Other Christian Education Meetings  (If Applicable)

13.  Days And Times Of Organizational Meetings

14.  Organizations Available

15.  Organizations - Duties &/Or Responsibilities

16.  Organizations - Requirements To Join

17.  Membership Size

18.  Sanctuary's Total Maximum Capacity & Overflow Area(s) (If Applicable)

19.  New Member Requirements  (If Applicable)

20.  Transportation Information

21.  Parking Information

22.  Non-Profit (Charitable) Resources Offered & Contact Information  (Current Year & Prior Year)

23.  Scholarship Resources Offered & Contact Information (Current Year & Prior Year)

24.  Additional Establishments The Church Owns & Operates with Contact Information    .          .    .      (i.e., Daycare Center, Senior Housing Complex, Christian Bookstore, Hall Rental &/or Catering Service, etc.)

Please Note:  If the church owns & operates additional establishments (for profit), it may ALSO place an ad/register its "small business(es)" like all other small business owners (at a fee) and earn a very generous commission, etc. IN ADDITION TO receiving DONATIONS from NAABC members.  These funds (earned commission, etc.), unlike the donations, may be used however the church sees fit, including, but not limited to, building fund projects. 


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Our membership package (purchased by small business owners) consist of: 

1.  A Patron Ad                                                                         (Small Business Owner's Name ONLY)

2.  A Business Ad              (Pre-Selected Fields Per Each Membership Package Purchased In Affordable "Phases")

3.  Private, Online Directory Access                                                         (FOR MEMBERS ONLY)(Registered Churches, Non-profit/Charitable Organizations, Scholarship Foundations, Small Business Owners & Their Ads)

4.  State-Of-The-Art Communication Center                               (24/7 Chat Rooms & Message Boards)

5.  Supplemental Income Opportunity                         (Participating in the Reverse Advertising™ program)

6.  MasterCard® Reward Card Opportunity            (Participating in the Opted Edge™ Incentive Program)

7.  Surprise Goody Bag (Or Box)   (Contents Selected By Management Which You May Keep Or Give Away As   .                                         .                "Welcome, Thank You or Just Because" Gifts To Your Clients Or As You See Fit)

8.  Membership Privileges               (Participating in Company-Sponsored Activities & Events While Networking) .                                                                .            (Delegate up to 50% of the Company's Revenues To Your Favorite                                                                                               Non-Profit, Charitable Organizations At No Cost To You)  .                                                                                                                                                          ... And More


The cost of a membership package varies as it is based on the phase (size of the business ad) purchased.  However, we have kept it affordable for even the tightest budget to afford (to join).  Best of all, this will NOT interfere with your current lifestyle and you will continue to be your own boss.


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#1 -  We have all heard of Reverse Mortgage (for seniors).  Well, now there's Reverse Advertising™ (for small business owners).  No Affiliation.  When you advertise with us AND tell others about us (and they join), you get to "Supplement Your Income While Advertising Your Small Business".  In other words, when you advertise with us, you can earn a very generous commission simply by telling others about us. 

For Example:  If you went to a restaurant and enjoyed their food & service, you'd tell others about that restaurant and might even say, "you should go there".  You would NOT earn a dime for referring new customers to that restaurant.  But, why not GET PAID EACH AND EVERY TIME YOU TELL OTHERS ABOUT US and they join?  Also, (unlike a restaurant), why not get paid EACH TIME they patronize us in the future (whether or not if you knew about it).  Your commission (or should I say:  your residual income) may grow larger & larger (year after year after year).  You will see that we offer so much to our members INTENTIONALLY; it's so you can't help but to talk about us (in a positive way) which should easily boost your sells/referrals without much effort!


#2 -  Each member may receive (in addition to their earned commission & residual income) a pre-loaded, reloadable MasterCard® Reward Card that can ONLY be redeemed among MEMBERS (small businesses registered in our private, online directory).  This allows our members the "Opted Edge", meaning the "Preferred Advantage" over other small businesses in their field of expertise because our reward card allows members to virtually SHOP  FOR  FREE AMONG EACH OTHER (like a kid in a candy store).  This is also why we encourage our members to refer small businesses to join whom they normally patronize (so that your MasterCard® Reward Card won't just sit in your wallet or in a drawer collecting dust.  You won't be able to wait to use it because it will actually be of REAL VALUE to you).

For example:  If you sold our membership package to your barber or hair stylist and they registered their small business with us, you may NOW patronize them by redeeming the points accumulated on your MasterCard® Reward Card rather than spending your hard-earned cash, charging it to your credit card or maybe even spending a dime of your commission check from us.  And, if I can't get my barber or hair stylist to become a member (by registering his/her small business with us), I might patronize yours or another one found in our PRIVATE, online directory (at least for a time or two) simply because, like you, via membership affiliation, IT WON’T COST ME A DIME to use my MasterCard® Reward Card at their place of business instead of spending my hard-earned cash or credit (the old-fashioned way / like in the past).

Another example would be:  If you needed a new pair of glasses or contacts, it would be nice to be able to go to your eye doctor (someone you already patronize on a regular basis) and get your glasses or contacts (or both) virtually for FREE because you or someone else sold a membership package to your eye doctor and they are now registered in our private, online directory.  Just think about it, you could now purchase a more expensive pair of glasses (since you're redeeming points from your MasterCard® Reward Card)!  NOW, you can even afford to go to your doctor(s) without worrying about the cost of co-pays and visit them virtually for free!  And, let's not forget FREE PRESCRIPTIONS ... when you recruit a mom & pop neighborhood pharmacy to register its small business with us, too.


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#3 - Each small business owner (member) may receive MORE sells &/or customers (if they want it) while advertising in our private, online directory because ALL OF OUR MEMBERS have the option of patronizing their small business with the points earned on each members' MasterCard® Reward Card; not just the member who referred your small business to us.  Our members also have the option of recommending others (non-members) to you for business (even though they will NOT have our MasterCard® Reward Card).

#4 - Each member may use their "supplemental income" to do three (3) things:

I.  -  You may elect to reduce the number of hours you work at your existing small business (having more time for yourself, family & friends), working as few as forty (40) hours per year (basically retiring or performing consultant work - if you so choose) and still qualify to participate in our programs as long as you maintain all pertinent business licenses, etc. and maintain your appropriate level of active membership status with us.

II.  -  You may elect to grow your existing small business or start a new one to satisfy your wildest dreams (within the parameters of our terms and conditions, of course; meaning no selling or advertising of illegal drugs or its synthetic alternatives or recreational drugs/including marijuana, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, bingo, state-officiated lottery or lotto tickets, pornography or casino entertainment while participating in our MasterCard® Reward Card Incentive Program).

III.  -  You may elect to give yourself that well-deserved raise.  Pay yourself what you couldn't afford to pay yourself in the past.  We all know that sometimes small business owners don't get a decent paycheck because of other expenses.  Increase your salary and buy a new car or take that long, overdue vacation, go on a shopping spree, pay off your mortgage and all other bills or even buy a new house!  Remember, you're still the boss but only now with the "preferred advantage" through NAABC's Opted Edge™  (MasterCard® Reward Card) Incentive Program and Reverse Advertising™ (Supplemental Income Program)!


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#1 - Each member may delegate up to twenty-five percent (25%) of their total sells/referral amount into the benevolence fund account at a church of their choice (at NO COST to them) or one will be assigned for them.  Since NAABC encourages tithing, we want to "lead by example" with our own contributions (through our members) and then some.

#2 - Each member may also delegate ten percent (10%) of their total sells/referral amount to various non-profit (charitable) organizations of their choice (at NO COST to them).  This could, but does NOT necessarily, include the church where they are an active church member.

#3 - Each member earns points on their MasterCard® Reward Card which EXPIRES THE DAY BEFORE THEIR MEMBERSHIP ANNIVERSARY DATE (EACH YEAR).  Therefore, unused points may be delegated to non-profit, charitable organizations of their choice (that are registered in our private, online directory) as we exercise the "use it or lose it" rule.  NAABC will delegate the expired points on behalf of the member if he/she has not done so PRIOR to its expiration.  Again, this delegation could, but does NOT necessarily, include the church where he/she is an active church member.  It is, however, optional.

#4 - Each member may delegate ten percent (10%) of their total sells/referral amount to established organizations that offer small business startup grants of their choice (at NO COST to them).  This grant could be in the amount of up to $50,000 each.  It would help provide traditional and non-traditional services that are needed NOW in our communities without going through prolonged, extensive red tape as in the past.  You may know of a service that you need or would like to go along with what you're currently offering but do NOT want to add to your responsibilities.  Therefore, it might appeal to you to help someone else start their own small business (just like you wished someone else was around to help you when you first started your small business without startup expenses being an overwhelming stress factor).  You may even donate it to a candidate (or candidates) who graduate(s) from the 16-week workshop that is offered to build a growing, profitable business at the sole discretion of the workshop's management team &/or nominate a candidate (or candidates) of your choice to receive the grant upon graduation.


#5 - NAABC officers shall delegate five percent (5%) of each membership package sold to non-profit, charitable organizations of its choice (within our approved lists of registered organizations).  This is at no additional cost to its members.


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#1 - Each member may delegate ten percent (10%) of their total sells/referral amount to the educational organizations of their choice (at NO COST to them).  This also includes scholarship foundations, which may or may not include the scholarship foundation within their church.


#2 - Each registered church may delegate up to ten percent (10%) of their TOTAL DONATIONS deposited into their Benevolence Fund Account to be used for scholarships (if needed).  This ten percent (10%) [leaving a balance of ninety percent (90%) in the Benevolence Fund Account] may be distributed to their church members via the scholarship foundation at their church (again, if needed).  This ten percent (10%), also, may be IN ADDITION TO the scholarship donations contributed by its church members via small business owners' delegation(s).

#3 - NAABC officers shall delegate five percent (5%) of each membership package sold  to educational organizations of its choice (within our approved lists of registered organizations).  Again, this does NOT necessarily include delegation within a church or churches but it may include tutoring services (with transportation), private schools and other scholarship foundations, etc.


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In conclusion, as a private club, NAABC believes in taking care of home FIRST (meaning those registered with us).  By helping our members to grow like never before, our members will then afford us, in return (via proceeds), with the ability to provide resources to rebuild our underserved, low-income communities.

"We want to take the accountability of assisting others out of the hands of man's voted and put it back into the hands of God's chosen by providing    resources (via benevolence funds) to churches within 'OUR' communities .          whom we believe have our best interest at heart."             C. Travis, President

Colossians 3:14-16

14And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness.  15And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful.  16Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

Ephesians  4:3-6

3Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.  4There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; 5One Lord, one faith, one baptism,  6One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.


Luke 6:38

38Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom.  For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

Romans 8:28

28And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

A personal note from the President of NAABC LLC:

As my childhood pastor, the late Bishop Willie J. Ellis, Jr., would always say, through God's grace and mercy, "May the work I've done speak for me" and "Let the Church say Amen".   God Bless You!                                                                                                C. Travis



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